How do I use forward slash(/) commands?

Below is a list of commands that can be used in chat by using a forward slash (/)

To use these commands press enter to open chat, then use a forward slash (/) and then the command.

For example to message another player type "/msg (USERNAME)" OR "/w (USERNAME), Without quotes and a username instead of (USERNAME).

"/help" will bring up the text above if you ever forget these instructions.

"/create" will create a private chat group, other players can use "/join (CHATNAME)" to join the chat and "/leave (CHATNAME)" to leave the chat group. They may also need a password if you have set one for example: "/join (CHATNAME) (PASSWORD)".

"/list" will list the pre-made chat channels, these are categorized by country.

"/clan" opens clan chat.

"/party" and "/platoon" will open those chat channels. 

"/block" will block a player, meaning you'll no longer see their messages. "/unblock" will remove this block and "/listblocks" will show all the player you have blocked in the past.

"/partyinvite (USERNAME)" will invite another player to your party.